About Clara

(pic by: Eva Nerea Álvarez)

Hi! I’m Clara, a Barcelona-raised & Berlin- based multidisciplinary filmmaker.

My firsts experiences behind a camera were shooting and editing snowboarding videos with my friends. We pretended to be pro-snowboarders and imitated the films we loved. At first, I filmed with a video camera that I bought through a newspaper promotion. It fell down the slopes uncountable times, got smashed against trees and ended up buried under the snow. It was indestructible, but then I bought my first GoPro, and then my first DSLR.

Meanwhile, I graduated from Journalism school with my first documentary, which was later screened in various film festivals. I travelled a lot, lived in Australia and France, and ended up moving to Berlin, where I spent several years working as a (solo) filmmaker, video journalist, and camera assistant in bigger projects. I also worked as a travel filmmaker in Southeast Asia, where climbing a mountain carrying 10kg of filming gear on my back under the hottest sun ever, riding a scooter backwards while filming, eating worms, or being chased by a water buffalo were sometimes a part of my daily routine.

Apart from filming, I also write and take pictures for National Geographic Traveler en Español. I am currently directing my next feature-documentary, Turning Pointe,  which will be premiered in May 2023 in Berlin.

Traveling, snowboarding and rock climbing with my friends make me the happiest.

My mother tongue languages are Spanish and Catalan, and I am fluent in English, French and German. I am open to interesting opportunities worldwide.