Regular videography collaborations with artistic space Oyoun.

“Oyoun conceives, develops and implements artistic-cultural projects through decolonial, queer * feminist and migrant perspectives.

Oyoun creates space for critical discussion, reflective experimentation and radical solidarity. Thanks to its diverse cultural offerings, Oyoun is a hub for the production of culture and knowledge. The non-profit cultural centre sees itself as an inter- and anti-disciplinary platform for newly emerging approaches between and from the fields of fine arts, performance art, theatre, literature, dance, music, new media, socio-culture, education and much more.

At the beginning of 2020, the non-profit Kultur NeuDenken UG took over the 3500 m² cultural institution at Lucy-Lameck-Str 32, Berlin Neukölln.

Oyoun carries out socio-cultural and artistic projects that highlight neurodiverse and class-critical perspectives throughout Berlin and internationally, with the aim of creating an intersectional platform for excellent diasporic, migrant and international art and culture, a place for an artistic dialogue about locally, nationally and internationally relevant topics.

For Oyoun, intersectionality is a crucial guiding principle and a lived practice that can be found in the artistic and socio-cultural program. In this program, different realities of life and their artistic and cultural forms of expression are empowered and made visible.” (Text source: https://oyoun.de/en/)


The Ancestral Body Noise is a six-week-long, intercultural healing incubator curated and facilitated by cultural researcher, future-folk musician and life-long psycho-spiritual student, Gugulethu ‘Dumama’ Duma (@duma_ma).

The programme emphasizes on biomythography and ancestral reconnection, the main focus will be on honouring the remnants of ritual through kinaesthetic and vocal intimacy, engaging the power of a collective creativity developed amidst political and social resistance in a time of social distancing.

Artists participants: Astaan Anais Meyer, Nane Kahle, Kerim Melik Becker, Jessica Korp, Beverley Kotawali, Exoce Kasango, Gugulethu Dumama Duma

* This project is part of Oyoun‘s curatorial focus „EMBODIED TEMPORALITIES“

The program sets to investigate the embodied memories and identities through diasporic and gender-critical perspectives. The body emerges as a changing relationship and at the same time unfolds as an ethical horizon and challenge for the (un)making of the self, identity, and belonging. “Embodied Temporalities’ will unravel the possibilities by the means of the language of art while exploring and diversifying collaborations through intersectional, anti-fascist, and decolonial perspectives.

ASCENSION – Intimate Bodies Forbidden Stories

Ascension is an outcome of a durational project about gender, femininity and menstruation. The project engaged participants with a community debate in order to reflect on gender equality and social change. The project explored menstruation, taboos, and identity from all potential directions such as historical, political, embodied, cultural, religious, social, health, and artistic concerns.

The online workshops started in January providing a safe space to communicate femininity, pain, therapy, and collective engagement and discussions with other women. Throughout the project, the participants had the opportunity to engage with presentations and online debates about gender issues and taboos. The project aimed at building a community debate around those taboos and forbidden corners of the female body.

Ascension was initiated and led by Dr. Maiada Aboud, whose work deals with ways that social and religious structures interconnect and influence the individual. She attempts to connect the social-cultural analysis to the individual’s experience by way of using performance and relating it to cultural and social life.

Project participants: Antonia Führ, Christina Gabriela Galli, Maria Trinks and Uli Pilwax