Video art- Documentary | 20min | Spain | 2020 | Catalan, Spanish

Director: Clara Rodríguez Arasanz, Laia Suru Valverde
DOP: Carla Cid Masid
Head of Production: Angela Berruezo Pujol, Alicia Estallo Pla
Assistant Production: Alicia Estallo Pla
Production: La Bonne Maison

A visual symphony conducted by 8 elder women who reflect on different topics concerning the conception of their own bodies inside a patriarchal system that constantly attempts to possess them.

[B]ELLAS successfully breaks the stereotype that conceives aging women as vulnerable, dependent and pleasing beings through a vindication of their experience, bodies, capacities, wrinkles and beauty.

*Winner of Young Creators Award 2019 organized by Barcelona Cultural Centre Francesca Bonmaison and the Barcelona City Council.

To be released in September 2020.
La Vanguardia