G3G: Poder Mirar als Ulls

G3G Records: Poder Mirar als Ulls
Documentary | 83 min | Spain | 2015 | Catalan, Spanish | Writer, Camera

Director: Toti García
Camera: Clara Rodríguez Arasanz, Toti Garcia, Nessim Castaño
Screenwriter(s): Toti Garcia, Clara Rodríguez Arasanz, Nessim Castaño
Editor: Jaume Carlos
Sound Designer: Carles Molet
Film Company: ESPAITEMPS
Film Distributor: ESPAITEMPS

Toy xylophones and drills. A gorgeous ode to curiosity, continuity, self-management and perseverance: this is the Barcelonese “informal experimental” scene, cult new punk from an non-snobby avant-garde. From Pascal Comelade to Cabo San Roque, from Communiqué to Sidecar (every Tuesday), from cassettes to singles. A label which is a strange family.

A beautiful poem about curiosity, continuity, self-management and perseverance: welcome to Barcelona’s “informal experimental” scene, the cult punk of an non-snobby avant-garde. It all revolves around a label, G3G, founded by three people (Gat, Guille and Gloria), but it was always more like an extended family. This is their saga, since 1989 right up until today. An ever-bubbling cauldron that cultivates the likes of artists from Macromassa, Radio P.I.C.A., New Buildings and El Hombre de Pekín to Cabo San Roque, Pascal Comelade, Lydia Lunch and… Miguel Poveda! We’re talking limited edition cassettes and two-ink singles. Magical Tuesdays at Communiqué (“the hole of all holes”) and then magic Tuesdays at Sidecar, sometimes for four people, sometimes packed to the rafters. And it didn’t stop there. Poder Mirar els Ulls is brotherhood, a community of weirdoes (in the positive sense), working without contracts, nobody charges, nobody earns, and we all do it for love. The experimental tradition endures and advances through the eternal underground creeks. Inspiring.

(Text from In-Edit Film Festival Program 2015)