Limbo Party

Event | 3min | Spain | 2019 | Catalan | Shot and edited

Black Friday is an event promoted by transnational companies that symbolizes a capitalist model sustained by systematic human rights’ violations of millions of people who work under hazardous conditions. The reality of global supply chains’ employees is typically marked by ridiculous salaries, 13-hour (or longer) working days, management abuse, syndical repression and unsafe working conditions.

In sales’ periods, such as Black Friday, big brands pressure their suppliers even more in order to meet even lower prices and western consumers’ demands. This mostly derives in more extreme working conditions, as workers have to fulfill tighter deadlines.

In this street performance, SETEM activists condemn the exploitative working conditions of big corporations companies that promote Black Friday and claim that the price of the products they sell is measured in the everyday suffering of the workers of their supply chains.