Rana Plaza

Event Film | 3min | Spain | 2019 | Shot and edited

The collapse of eight-story Rana Plaza building in Dhaka, Bangladesh on the 24th of April of 2013 left at least 1134 people killed and more than 2000 injured.

The building housed five garment factories and most of the victims were workers of grand supply chains producing clothes for major international retail brands including Mango, Benetton, Matalan, Primark and others.

Workers at Rana Plaza were forced to enter the factories even a day after they had complained about sounds coming from cracks in the building, which later collapsed on them.

Most of the victims at Rana Plaza worked under extremely poor conditions, which isn’t and exception in most global supply chains.

The Rana Plaza tragedy was the worst industrial accident anywhere in the world for a generation and focused the world’s attention on Bangladesh’s garment industry

As every year, under the Ropa Limpia (Clean Clothes) Campaign, SETEM activists remember the Rana Plaza tragedy and condemn the penurious conditions of retail workers –most of them women- around the world.